Clear Quartz – Clarity

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The energy of Clear Quartz is Clarity . The energy of Clarity helps us to see things more clearly during messy and confuse situation. 

If you are like me , other people emotion and energy will affect you causing you to feel lousy or confuse . In the past when i do not know much about energy , I will take this as my own emotion and energy but in actual fact , this is the energy of other people which have been tainted into our energy field . 

One moment I am happy , the next I will be unhappy unknowingly . I cannot find the reason for my sadness , anger, fear and other negative emotions

In the past , I had been in emotional abuse relationship , when my relationship ended , my self-love , self-worth and self-esteem are at their lowest . I kept asking myself is it that I am not good enough that all the relationship I been with , man all leave me because of third party situation . How come I always go into relationship with emotionally problematic man. 

That’s when I go on an research on the “WHY” . I found that emotionally problematic man tends to be attracted to my aura or energy . I will not label myself as a “Empath” , as I am still learning about my energy and why I am sensitive to emotions and energy . 

Too many relationship failures makes me think that I am the problematic one. But lucky for me , I come into contact with crystals . My very first crystals that I am attracted to is Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz , I have use them for awhile before I move on to add more crystals to my collection. I am so glad that I have found these 2 crystals during my darkness moment , without them I will not be where I am now . 

Rose Quartz energy helps us in our self-love and self-worth , while Clear Quartz helps us in seeing things more clear and clarify existing negative energy in our energy field. 

First , using Clear Quartz to cleanse and clarify your energy , you can meditate , sleep or wear your Clear Quartz Crystal . 

Second , once you feel that your energy have been cleanse move to Rose Quartz . After cleansing your energy field , you can start to enhance yourself to love yourself more . I will not say unconditionally as this is quite a high level of self-love and it is not easy to achieve , I am still learning to love myself more and more . 

If you are confuse with Self-Love vs Egotistic , pls read my another post here on Rose Quartz – Self-Love 

My most use crystal is Clear Quartz , whenever I feel emotionally down or drained, I will meditate and sleep with my clear quartz. The energy of Clear Quartz lighten me and I feel better after a few days of using them.  

Just take note that crystals are not magic healer like you wear or use it , you will immediately see the result . The crystal energy will take time to work its healing power depend on your own energy field.

Follow your intuition , your intuition will tell you what crystal you need from time to time . 

Thank you for reading my post and forgive me for flaw English . Whaahahahaa . As long as you all understand what I am trying to reach you , I am happy .


Love & Light