Crystals and Stones Pairing / Combination

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 This article will mostly benefit those who just starting to wear crystals.

Recent trend of crystal jewelly is going crazy , so many sellers and so many beautiful crystal jewellery . Rose Quartz , Amethyst , Lapis Lazuli , Moonstone , Howlite etc , all different pairing .

You might be confused which seller you can trust or which crystal is suitable for you.

I here to guide you on how to find suitable crystals which are suitable for you.

I believe that every crystal emits different energy or vibrational frequency. These energy will affect our own energy field to create either a positive effect or a negative effect.

I remember my friend saying one day that when she wear moonstone , she dont feel good , but when she is wearing sakura agate  or tourmaline she feel good.

For me , i am quite a faithful wearer , i will just stick to rose quartz , clear quarzt , garnet and obsidian. But my favourite is rose quartz and obsidian. i will frequently switch between these 2 whenever i need their energy.

During days where i feel that i need to protect myself from people with negative energy , i will wear my gold obsidian.

During days where i need to put myself first  and to promote self love , i will wear my rose quarzt.

Coming from a low self-esteem past , working with rose quartz energy have bring me to love and take care of myself more.

when there is more than 1 crystals combination , these crystal energies combination might be confusing , opposing , neutralizing , energizing etc .

Each and everyone of us have different energy field , i might be suitable for wearing rose quartz but , you might not be suitable . Our life situtation is different and what energy we lack of are also different.

It takes alot of awareness to understand yourself and by understanding yourself , you will know what is good and what is bad for you without blindly following the trends.

If you are a crystal beginner, slowly take your time to build up your crystals jewellery collections.

Just start with a 1 type crystal jewellery first . Example , rose quartz jewellery and see how you feel when you wear it .

After exploring and trying different combinations , you will know which crystals you like wearing and which crystal pairings is suitable for you.

Crystal pairing are a more advanced level. Some crystal expert know what type of pairing is good because they understand the different element of each crystals .

I am still learning to improve on my crystal knowledge , i am not an expert . Google , is still your best place for information.

I hope that my article will help you abit .

Thank you for reading