Labradorite – A Highly Spiritual Stone

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It is a stone of self discovery , enlightenment , transformation and protection . This stone will protect the wearer’s aura field and uncover spiritual talent. 

Labradorite energy will smooth blocked energy in the throat , third eye and crown chakra . If currently you feel stuck in your life or you feel stuck in your spiritual practice , Labradorite might be the stone for you. Its energy will clear out any negativity in your energy field and create a clearer and more beautiful aura field . You will feel “lighter” , you will know what I mean when you wear them .  

When I first wear Labradorite jewellery , I immediately feel a sense of lightness and brightness . Till now , I am still quite surprise of how this stone effect can be so fast. In a second , I fall in love with this beautiful magical stone. I think is it because my throat or third eye chakra have been stuck for a very Long time and the moment that I wear my Dainty Labradorite bracelet I can feel so “Cleared” 

As I mention in my previous post , I mostly wear or meditate with my normal crystal bracelets ,like rose quartz , clear quartz , black tourmaline or black obsidian . The Labradorite give me the strongest energy now . Maybe currently in my spiritual path , I need Labradorite energy to bring me to the next level of my spiritual practice or spiritual gift . 

This is what I call the feeling of “Love at First Touch” 😂

Labradorite basic information

Chakra : Throat , Third Eye and Crown 

Element : Water


Benefit of Labradorite 

  1. Awaken spiritual talent 
  2. Protect our Aura field
  3. Unblock energy of throat , third eye and crown chakra 
  4. Calming down emotions