About Me … …

I have a full time job and making crystal related item is my passion . 

Making these items with the intention to infused Inner Peace and Loving Kindness in my user daily life.

I hope that all my user will benefit greatly from the items that i have created with the intention to inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

Being a crystal user for years and have benefited from using and wearing them. i will wear them to sleep , you will never see me leave my house without my crystals . i carry my crystal pouch wherever i go if i am not wearing any crystal jewelly.

I Believe … …

I believe that someone who is beautiful should not be judge soley on the Outer but also the Inner.

A truly beautiful person not only know how to take care of their Inner Self but also know how to take care of their Outer Self.

All woman borned in the Earth are beautiful in their own ways.

Due to the realistic and stress of daily life , we are strip of our divine feminine beauty by reality.

By creating this website , I want woman to  bloom beautifully in their own ways .

Bringing back their Divine Feminine , becoming a True Wise Beauty.

Currently this website is more towards cultivating inner beauty. If you want to learn more about how you can make yourself more beautiful on the outside you can visit my another website


– KaiN (Creator of LovEnlight.Me)-