Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian (Series 1)

Natural Raw Black Tourmaline & Black Heart Shaped Black Obsidian. These 2 crystal stones have grounding and protective elemenst to protect user from negative energy. It is a very good stone if you want to protect yourself from negative energy of the environment or from people .

Detailed Video of My Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian Series 1 

(**Pls read the information section in the Youtube , it will contain the weight of the stone**)


As each natural stone / crystal are all unique , you will never come across any natural raw two identical stone/crystal . If you really see one that you like , it mean that you and this stone/crystal have affinity (A Special Bond)

Heart BO 1 & Heart BO 2 look almost the same .

Additional information


BT 1, BT 2, BT 3, BT 4, BT 5, BT 6, Heart BO 1, Heart BO 2


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