Rose Quartz – Self Love

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Rose Quartz is about unconditional , self love , loving energy , universal love . It’s is a crystal of LOVE . When you think about LOVE , it’s ROSE QUARTZ!

I use Rose Quartz mostly for Self Love . Nurturing self love is what I lack of and need a lot of learning. But don’t mistake egotistic with self love . These 2 are ways apart.


Self Love :

Always think Win-Win situation 

Giving with no expectation , but not over giving 

Loving with a sincere heart 

Nurturing of ownself and others well being 

Learning to become the best version of oneself but still stay humble 

Universal love 

Egotistic :

Always think Win-Lose situation 

Giving with expecting returns

Only care about own self 

Thinks in terms of I’m the smartest , most beautiful , most wealthy etc 

Always think that they are way more superior than others 

Selective love 


Attention seeking 

It’s important to know the different about these two . 

By practising self loving , we can be more aware of not over giving and understand more about ourselves and our feelings . Knowing when it is time to stop giving and start taking good care of yourself instead of Everyday taking care of other people. By over giving , ones lose themselves and become resentful when their “Love Tank” is empty. 

Balancing is the core to life lesson . There must be balance amount of giving and receiving. Feel welcome to receive and your loving flow will return . 

F.L.Y : First Love Yourself


Rose Quartz basic information

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Element : Earth , Water


Benefits of Rose Quartz

  1. Nurture Self Love
  2. Attract Love
  3. Heal broken heart